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BMR stands proudly by the name of BABA MAHA RAM , a pious and enlightened soul who devoted his whole life in the service of nation and humanity during the period when India was being ruled by British. This homoeopathic foundation has been named after his name as BMR homoeopathic foundation.      

Under BMR homoeopathic foundation  Kalawati institute of neuro & general  hom. Medical science is delivering –
    1- Its medical services – Under the name of homeopathica naturalis complete homoeopathic health care chain of homoeopathic clinics, both in urban and rural areas.
    2- Academics services—EAGLE EYE Academy of classical homoeopathy (EEACH ) where regular teaching  pertaining to right homoeopathy are being  given to Young , wise, daring and devoted  homoeopathic doctors.
    3- BMR is committed   to  propagate the awareness of right homoeopathy in society through our clinics , seminars and camps both in urban and rural area.

 Chief consultant at Kalawati Institute of  Neuro & General Homoeopathic Medical Science.
 After completing his graduation & post graduation in allopathic i.e.MBBS & MD, realised the incompetency of allopathic system(modern  medicine) in curing the sick persons suffering from acute or chronic diseases .
Like everybody,he also experienced that till the allopathic medicines are continued,the sick person feels a bit relieved but as soon as medicines are stopped the disease either immediately or after sometime returns and sometimes with more intensity, Moreover the  person faces many side effects of the drugs during cource of treatment.

Therefore he experienced the need of some other medical system which can permanently & gently cure the sick person without any side effects. Then he moved to Homoeopathy, Completed his graduation in Homoeopathy (BHMS)from YPSMHMC Alwar,Jaipur  University,of Rajasthan.

He is practicing in homoeopathy from last more than 15 yrs with very good results in the field of Neurology,Cancers,Autoimmune diseases and in other almost every type of  diseases whether Acute or Chronic.

We have good no.of  young doctors at this institute,who has gained and gaining knowledge in the field of classic Homoeopathy.

 Dr Anil Kumar is a Precious Coin" very seperate from both side yet inseperable.a

The First Part of Coin : As a Homeopath

A Devoted & Dedicated Homeopath – He is very dedicated & devoted toward Homeopathy. He always keeps on learning new things and apply it in day to day practice, He competes with himself like anything.  

An energetic & enthustiastic student & Teacher of homeopathy - who is so ardent & passionate about learning the homeopathy that he can cross any barrier & cross any limits to learn.inspite of busy clinic hrs he takes out time to study every day and he gives regular teachings to young doctors,who come to the institute after completing their BHMS.

The Second part of Coin: As a Human being
Another part of coin apart from homeopathic practitioner  , He has very Helpful, Down to Earth attitude. He visits  rural areas too often where less privileged people, deprived of all sorts of standard medical care & health education , live. Under his supervision regular medical camps and health education seminars are organized to save the above mentioned people from the hands of quacks (jhola chhap doctors).

                                               "HE LIVES THE HOMEOPATHY".



    Dr. Alok malik , MBBS; DVD ( derm., cosmatolgy & veneriology )
    Dr.  Rahul nehra , MS (ORTHO) , M.CH (ORTHO)
    Dr. Sandeep sahagal , M.CH ( Neuro)
    Dr. Anil talyan , MD ( Gen. med.)
    Dr. Arun goel, MS (ENT)
    Dr. Siddharth , MS , DNB (Opth)
    Dr. Anita Sharma  MD ( micro –path)
    Dr. Vibha jain DNB (gynae & obs)
    Dr. Nisha malik , MD (path)
    Dr. Swapan jain ,MS (opth)
    Dr. Nadeem akhtar , MS (gen. surg)


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